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​is a physicist turned engineer and artist, based in San Francisco. He harnesses technology and pop culture to achieve new imaginative goals in sculpture design. Sri is a co-founder and the current CFO of Looking Up Arts Foundation and Principal at Space & Time LLC.


He is perhaps best known for his work on Rainbow Bridge, a climbable 100' long arch covered in over 25,000 individually addressable LEDs. Rainbow debuted at Burning Man in 2018, and has since toured from Art Basel Miami to EDC to Liverpool. Sri is the touring manager and lead LED artist on the project, overseeing the electronics and software, including interactivity.

Burning Man is a pillar of Sri's career. His entry into art was on the team that built Phoenicopterus Rex (2017). After Rainbow in 2018, he returned again as lead LED artist for Cone Down (2019). Later he stepped up to the lead artist role for Sirsasana (2022), also his first burnable project.

Via both solo and collaborative works, his default world creations focus on lighting, play, and social justice. His Pink Torch (2020) is the centerpiece of the Pink Triangle lighting ceremony each year in San Francisco. And his Flying Spaghetti Monster (2019) and Wander Bloom (2022) delight festival goers in California and Nevada. Whereas his Arbor Lights (2022) bring wonderment into everyday urban spaces.

His future creative interests center around bridges between domains, including the natural with the technological, the ancient with the modern, and spiritual with the commercial.

In a prior life as a researcher, Sri worked in atomic physics at UC Berkeley publishing papers in national journals. As an engineer, he worked at Intel providing database development services for their Inventory Costing tool. Sri received his B.S. in Physics with a Minor in Mathematics from California State University East Bay.

He enjoys philosophy, social dancing, rock climbing, and board gaming. His charming, earnest, and caring demeanor is cherished by everyone around him.

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