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Coming to Burning Man 2024
Recipient of Black Rock City Honoraria

Lead Artists: Josh Zubkoff & Srikanth Guttikonda

Geometry in motion, hyperboloids seem to curve and bend, yet are only composed of rigid, straight lines.

As participants rotate the outer ring, these strange creatures twist, transforming from a straight pillar into an elegant hourglass figure, and back again.

Each hyperboloid eagerly awaits interaction.  

Curious revelers playfully spin the ring and trigger its shape-shifting geometric twirl. As the hyperboloid rotates, computer-addressable LEDs in the spokes, reacting to the movement, display captivating optical illusions.


Standing at 6 meters tall, and 2.5 meters in diameter. Including the anchoring ballasts, each column will weigh approximately 900 kg.

With almost 300 meters of LEDs, revelers will enjoy their dynamic sight from blocks away.

Each Hyperboloid will cast diffractive light shadows on the ground and nearby trees and buildings.


Revelers can experiment with combinations of direction and speed.

Our 3D lighting software will allow us to control the LEDs in ways that complement, accentuate, contrast the hyperboloid’s transforming shapes with thousands of different animations, colors, and effects!

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