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Phoenicopterus Rex

We are bringing our dream to life and that dream is a building a 40 foot tall flamingo! Inspired by Don Featherstone‘s classic pink flamingo lawn ornament, the Phoenicopterus Rex will feature climbable legs and a sitting area on the back of this massive lawn ornament.

As an art piece, Phoenicopterus Rex is a physical manifestation of Americana pop-kitsch meets modern industry: all bubblegum pink, fiberglass and steel. It aims to make the familiar absurd, exciting participants with the iconic image and then drawing them in so that they may interact with the structure.

In its final installed stages, fake grass and a white picket fence will surround the flamingo, transforming the immediate space into a hosted experience. Chef Jon will oversee impromptu BBQ’s, grilling and handing out burgers and ‘dogs beneath the massive structure, welcoming passers-by to literally, “Get on his lawn!” Come play some backyard games and have fun with us!

The end result is a fun but complex image, deconstructing old tropes and speaking to the ambiguity of “reverence and ridicule.” Phoenicopterus Rex is both farce and friend, with an aimed completion date of early summer of 2017. Her debut will be standing strong and tall on the lawn of this year’s Burning Man in Black Rock City, NV.

Our team is based in San Francisco with members spread throughout the country. Stay tuned for updates to be posted as we build.

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