Ice Cream DJ Booth

We all scream for ice cream! This ice cream cone shaped DJ booth will make you feel nostalgic for those long summer days spent cooling down with a tasty treat. Built for a brand new nightclub near the Fremont Street Experience in Downtown Las Vegas, we bring a touch of whimsy to the Old Vegas Strip.

The booth is dotted with over 50 colorful sprinkles and high density accent lighting. The glossy dark polycarbonate panels that flank the wall features 360 sprinkles. These sprinkles will be lit up by over 1,100 computer addressable LEDs, and will flow in rhythm with the music. Each sprinkle is carefully hand casted using expanded polyurethane, colorful dyes, and glitter.  

The club is set to open in March 2022 and will feature this as a permanent art installation. 

(In Progress)

PXL_20220116_042425567.MP (1).jpg