Rainbow Bridge is a 75 foot long, 30 foot high, 4 foot deep walkable sculpture covered in multicolored LEDs. The arch serves as a cheerful landmark by day and a stunning light show by night. We love rainbows, because they evoke love, magic, hope, inclusivity, and wonder.


You aren’t in Kansas anymore, honeys. There is no Kansas.
Turn up the magic, turn on the lights, and meet me under Rainbow Bridge.

Rainbow has 15,000 lbs of steel framing, clad with wood panels painted the iconic colors. At night she sparkles with over 27,000 LEDs, connected by nearly a mile of wiring. Those LEDs display beautiful animations, which react to sound, so the experience of Rainbow is constantly fresh and dynamic.

When the lawyercats allow, visitors can climb to the apex of the walking platform, which offers new perspectives and novel selfie opportunities. (A note for the lawyercats: the railing protecting bridge climbers is 40 inches high, and the metal structure is engineered to withstand crowds.)

After debuting at Burning Man in 2018, Rainbow Bridge has visited Art Basel Miami (2018), EDC Las Vegas (2019), and Blink Cincinnati (2019).

The Team

The Rainbow Bridge team is helmed by artist Josh Zubkoff, who in 2017 created Phoenicopterus Rex, a massive 40 foot tall climbable lawn flamingo that garnered attention from Rolling Stone, W Magazine, National Geographic, and Artnet.com. Leading the LED project is artist Srikanth Guttikonda, a veteran from P-Rex.

The Build


The initial build for the debut at Burning Man in 2018 involved dozens of people over the course of a year, including artists, structural engineers (RBHU), welders, and volunteers. There was plenty of designing, cutting, drilling, painting, wiring, coding, and anxious nail biting excitement. Since the 2018 debut, Rainbow Bridge has had the fortune to travel around the country: Art Basel Miami (2018), EDC Las Vegas (2019), and Blink Cincinnati (2019). These installations involve a large trailer, heavy machinery rental, a large generator, and a build crew of about 10 people. Moving and installing the bridge is an art in itself, one that we've honed to happily bring this large, whimsical rainbow to new audiences. 


The Interaction

The sides of the Rainbow Bridge have a few steep climbable stairs before reaching the main arching platform. Participants can walk the bridge from either side, engage with one another, and take in the whole view from the apex. The LEDs can be programmed to display a wide variety of text, images, and videos; the lights can even interact with external music. At Burning Man 2018 the Rainbow Bridge was host to aerial silks performances hanging from the center of the bridge, art car dance parties (interacting with the lights), games interacting with the LEDs, and children's books readings.

Aside from the natural community intrinsic to the Rainbow Bridge installation, the Rainbow Bridge inherently welcomes everyone. It's a bright icon that's always built with love, and built with the intention of giving that love back to the community.

Thank You!

Thank you, everyone!  The dust has settled, the bridge has been cleaned, and we're overflowing with good memories. We'd like to thank each and every person who made the Rainbow Bridge possible. We are truly humbled by the kindness, love, skill, generosity, blood, sweat, and tears that you all provided. We had an amazing year building and debuting the bridge, and are grateful for the opportunities to bring Rainbow Bridge to new audiences. We have met so many wonderful and talented folks without whom we could never have done this: an amazing team of artists, crew, volunteers, and donors. From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU for bringing this gift of love to the world!

We’re just beginning to compile the list of everyone who made this possible:

Abs Holt
Alex Carlbon
Alex Morrison-Rusas
Alexandra Caulea
Alexi Kostibas
Alexis Rudy
Ali Lahijanian
Alice Liu
Andie Bigg
Andrew MacNeil
Andrew Suafai
Angela Li
Ben Huh
Brandon Gonzalez
Brigid Hughes
Brooklyn Witteman
Carl Rodriguez
Cassie Ott
Catherine Bruneton
Cathie Yun
Cecilia Gonzalez
Cecília Monteiro
Charlie Ringer
Chase Brignac
Chelsea Gaudette
Chet Corcos
Chris Willmore
Christopher Mccumber
Cody Smith
Danny Macchiarini
David Montez
David Wright
Deb Linton
Donald Pinkus
Douglas Bahr
Dragos Gherase
Dustin Hoffman
Eileen Clark

Elli Komito
Eric Bahr
Erica Chambers
Frank Fok
Gabriel Brighty
Gade Sischo
Gayla Smith
Harry Bleyan
Henner Zeller
Hoss Malli
Ilhame Hadouch
Isaac Blackwood
James Erd
Jason Fang
Jennifer Alvarado Jem
Jeremy Crandall
Jessi Fehrenbach
Jessie Wise
Jocelyn Vanlandingham
Jon Dye
Joseph Kirkland
Josh MacDonald
Joshua King
Julia Nathan
Kalin Merahki
Katie Hazard
Katie Levinson
Kevin Helms
Kim Anderson
Lalit Bhgwat
Leah Van Deth
Leela Chan Currie
Lindsey Fraser
Louisa Laroche
Manny Cercado Jr.
Mark Ferlatte
Martina Bucciantonio
Meghan Witteman

Meghan Navarro
Michael Weinstock
Mike Welch
Mingjing Huang
Narek Amirbekian
Nick Nishio
Opal Holley
Peter Platzgumer
Pui Ling Tam
Rachelle Sloss
Rbhu Engineering
Rodney Folz
Ryan Anderson
Ryan Clark
Ryan Montgomery
Ryan Stanley
Sally Maki
Samuel Lijin
Sarah Jaylin Mays
Selinda Martinez
Seth St. Martin
Sextant Camp
Shane Crosby
Shane Sischo
Sharan Birak
Shawn Silverman
Sheridan Rose De Lay
Sydney Lusk
Theo Rolle
Todd Wolfson
Tom Steele
Torrey Smith
Tracy Scott
Tyler Whaley
Xiaohan Zhang
Yana Whaley
Yingjie Ou
Zac Coffin