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Sea our Problems is a project by Chromaforms Art Collective that's sponsored by KEEN footwear, set to be installed in downtown Denver, CO. It will be made from recycled plastic sheeting, and is intended to spread awareness about the dangers of single use plastic. This installation consists of a series of pillars and arches covered with cascading layers of plastic ribbons.

Build space provided by Looking Up.

Rainbow Bridge and Phoenicopterus Rex build team member, Michael "Zee" Weinstock, is joining us with his first large scale project.


Frequency of Hue is a wondrous interactive light sculpture for Black Rock Citizens to find connectivity between themselves, art and others, similar to a life-sized mood ring. The sculpture will consist of five vertical panels on a platform with a pair of hands on each exterior panel.  The panels will have programmable LEDs that are connected to the hand panels.  When BRC citizens engage the hands will be sensors that will affect the LED visuals. When the hands are not engaged the LEDs will continue to stay on at a rest position.  Citizens will be able to experience the beautifully different color frequencies they have through the sculpture. 

Debuting Burning Man 2019.

RA VE is a cheeky homage to  Robert Indiana's  LO VE sculptures, with some fun interactive twists 

Build in progress by Looking Up.

Camera Lucida is a camera-like sculpture that enables twilight and night photos of people using warm light from a fire “flash”. Subjects stand in front and the Burner taking the photo walks inside to trigger a countdown. Using any camera, including smartphones, aimed through the lens-like portal, or optionally the built-in camera, the explosion of light adds theatricality to playa portraiture and lasts long enough for manual coordination of the camera trigger to suffice.

Financially supported in 2018.

Flying Spaghetti Monster is a big interactive, hanging sculpture that's enhanced by LEDs and touch sensors. It has a special noodle that's designed to trigger chasing rainbow patterns and echoing voices of humor.

Created by Looking Up in 2018.

Wings is a 25' wide, 9' tall, light interactive sculpture that's designed after Da Vinci's Ornithopter. It's LEDs track user's movement and change lighting patterns in real time using a camera. Wings debuted at Burning Man 2016, and then  toured Worlds Fair Nano in 2017.

Created by Looking Up artists in 2016.