The magic we make.

  • Pink Torch: Pride 2020

    Pink Torch: Pride 2020

    The Pink Torch of the San Francisco Pride. They are made from casting recycled aluminum, housing a radiating pink flame made of resin and LEDs.


    • Twin Peaks, SF
  • Cone Down

    Cone Down

    Cone Down is a 30'-tall climbable sculpture of an overturned ice cream cone, a whimsical acknowledgement of life's indignities. The frame is made of 7,000 of pounds of steel. The skin of the cone and scoop are polycarbonate, lit from inside with thousands of individually addressable LEDs. The sculpture features an interactive dance floor, padded "chill" lounge inside, and viewing deck on top.


    • 2019 Burning Man
  • Rainbow Bridge

    Rainbow Bridge

    Rainbow Bridge is a 75'-long, 30'-high, 4'-deep walkable sculpture built of 15,000 lbs of steel, clad with wood panels painted the iconic colors, and covered in over 25,000 addressable LEDs. The arch serves as a cheerful landmark by day and a stunning light show by night.


    • 2019 EDC Orlando
    • 2019 EDC Las Vegas
    • 2019 Blink Cincinnati
    • 2018 Burning Man
    • 2018 Art Basel Miami
  • Phoenicopterus Rex

    Phoenicopterus Rex

    Inspired by Don Featherstone‘s classic pink flamingo lawn ornament, the Phoenicopterus Rex is a 40'-tall flamingo featuring climbable legs and a sitting area on its back.


    • 2020 Downtown Project Las Vegas
    • 2019 Lyft Art Park Las Vegas
    • 2018 Burnal Equinox San Francisco
    • 2017 Burning Man
  • Takeout Lanterns

    Takeout Lanterns

    Takeout lanterns embody hopeful and inspiring imagery for the COVID-19 era, with a scalable, charitable purpose at their heart.


    • Mission District, SF
    • Hopscotch Oakland
  • Bay View Opera House: Voice

    A two-year, fully reversible public art installation that creates a low-resolution light wall on the BVOH's south facade facing its outdoor amphitheater. An elegant, high-grade stainless-steel frame that will house an array of more than 6,000 programmable LEDs showcasing local art and educational programs.


    • Bay View, SF
  • Flying Spaghetti Monster

    Flying Spaghetti Monster

    Flying Spaghetti Monster is a big interactive, hanging sculpture enhanced by LEDs and touch sensors. It has a special noodle designed to trigger chasing rainbow patterns and to echo voices of humor.


    • 2019 Festival
    • 2018 Decompression SF
    • 2018 Decompression LA
    • 2018 Burnal Equinox
    • 2018 Artumnal Gathering
  • Wings


    Wings is a 25'-wide, 9'-tall, interactive light sculpture inspried by Da Vinci's Ornithopter. Its LEDs track users' movement and change lighting patterns in real time using a camera.


    • 2018 Worlds Nano Fair
    • 2018 Festival
    • 2016 Burning Man