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Srikanth Guttikonda

Co-Founder, Artist, CFO

Sri pursues his particular interest in art and Idealism by harnessing technology and pop culture to achieve new imaginative goals in sculpture design. Most recently Sri worked on the Rainbow Bridge, a sculpture which in 2018 debuted at Burning Man and then toured to Art Basel Miami. He is the lead LED artist on the project overseeing the physical, interactive and software design. Rainbow Bridge is a climbable 100′ long arch covered in over 25,000 individually addressable LEDs. Sri was the Transportation lead and a key build team member for Phoenicopterus Rex, a climbable 40-foot tall steel and fiberglass sculpture of a giant pink flamingo. He received a grant to build an interactive Flying Spaghetti Monster sculpture from California Foundation for the Advancement of Electronic Arts which toured LA and SF Decompression events. During his researcher days, Sri worked in Atomic Physics over at UC Berkeley publishing papers in national journals. As an engineer, he worked at Intel providing database development services for their Inventory Costing tool. Sri received his B.S. in Physics and Mathematics from a California State University. He enjoys philosophical discourse, and stays active in social dancing, rock climbing and gaming communities.

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