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Spider Trap

Proposed for Black City 2023

Spider Trap is a large steel-framed spider that uses its mesmerizing lighted web to lure in those wandering the deep playa. Spider Trap has two webs, the higher one is beautifully lighted and the lower one is a rope hammock to allow for a comfortable place to take in the art and meet people.

Rising from the playa landscape is the larger-than-life Spider Trap. With its long spindly steel legs, Spider Trap stands towering, but not menacing. Spider Trap is constructed primarily of steel tube sections that are bolted together with four legs providing the structural stability of the piece and the other four holding up the parallel set of webs. The top web will contain hundreds of leds with sensors and buttons to allow the occupants of the web hammock below to control the lighting. The steel will be painted gray, the web rope hammock will be thick off-white rope, and the lighted led web will be mounted to light gauge rolled square steel tube for rigidity. The surrealist scale of this piece invites participants to surrender to being "trapped" in the web, relaxing and spending a long moment to explore the art and just get lost in the moment.

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