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Wander Bloom


Wander Bloom consists of six self-supporting suspension bridges intersecting beneath large illuminated daisies. 132 lit up steps and crossing paths make Wander Bloom a spontaneous game with strangers, meandering walk or a quiet moment in the areas between walkways.

It made its debut in Las Vegas, Nevada at Electric Daisy Carnival 2022, the largest electronic music festival in North America. 

Framed of steel with thousands of feet of steel cabling, Wander Bloom is a dense collection of fun walkable suspension bridges. Each adjacent bridge provides lateral support to its neighbor, while the stairs to each bridge contain the rigid steel members that allow the bridge to be installed without anchors. The triangular nook between each bridge will have ambient lighting transforming them into a quiet garden, with a relaxation area.


The Interaction


This sculpture is not just an A to B walking path, but it is an opportunity for participants to spend time finding the little gems throughout. The best interaction people have here is with one another. We wanted to create a microcosm of safe fun, surprises, and meaningful moments. Wander Bloom facilitates a playful atmosphere, where participants are engaging with the art while feeling present in the moment and are aware of their bodies. Walking across the suspension bridge takes the familiar act of walking and imbue it with a new set of characteristics. Each step is an experiment. 

The Build


The pre-fabrication for Wander Bloom was separated in two teams. One team, located in San Francisco, worked on preparing the steps with LEDS, and the other team, located in Los Angeles, fabricated the steel structure and flowers.


The final build and teardown for EDC Las Vegas 2022 took course over two weeks at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. 



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