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Looking Up Arts Foundation is a San Francisco-based non-profit organization established in 2018 dedicated to large scale art installations. Looking Up supports local artists for the production, exhibition, and public dissemination of exciting and extraordinary art projects, focusing primarily on art festivals and interactive exhibitions.

Looking Up focuses its support on installations that are fresh, ambitious, and interactive. Grants are given to projects that are typically large in scale, a specialized arena in which artists, designers, engineers, and tradespersons collaborate to make extraordinary, labor-intensive projects of love.



Abs Holt
Alex Carlbon
Alexandra Caulea
Alexi Kostibas
Alexis Rudy
Ali Lahijanian
Alice Liu
Andie Bigg
Andrew Suafai
Angela Li
Ben Huh

Bill Evans

Brandon Gonzalez
Brooklyn Witteman
Carl Rodriguez

Cassie Ott
Catherine Bruneton
Cathie Yun
Cecilia Gonzalez
Cecília Monteiro
Charlie Ringer
Chelsea Gaudette
Chet Corcos
Chris Willmore
Christopher Mccumber
Danny Macchiarini
David Montez
David Wright
Deb Linton
Donald Pinkus
Douglas Bahr
Dragos Gherase
Dustin Hoffman
Eileen Clark

Elli Komito

Eric Bahr

Erica Chambers
Frank Fok
Gabriel Brighty
Gade Sischo
Gayla Smith

George Goeken
Harry Bleyan
Henner Zeller
Ilhame Hadouch
James Erd
Jason Fang
Jennifer Alvarado Jem
Jeremy Crandall
Jessi Fehrenbach
Jessie Wise
Jocelyn Vanlandingham

John Fitz

Jon Dye
Joseph Kirkland
Joshua King
Julia Nathan
Kalin Merahki
Katie Hazard
Katie Levinson

Keegan Arthur Olton

Kendrick FellerKevin Helms
Kim Anderson
Lalit Bhgwat
Leah Van Deth
Leela Chan Currie
Louisa Laroche
Manny Cercado Jr.
Mark Ferlatte
Martina Bucciantonio

Matt Becker

Meghan Witteman

Meghan Navarro

Mike Welch

Narek Amirbekian
Nick Nishio
Peter Platzgumer
Rachelle Sloss
Rbhu Engineering

Rheanna Binkley

Rodney Folz
Rod Smith

Ryan Anderson
Ryan Clark
Ryan Montgomery
Ryan Stanley
Sally Maki

Sam Costigan

Samuel Lijin
Sarah Jaylin Mays
Selinda Martinez
Seth St. Martin
Sextant Camp
Shane Sischo
Sharan Birak
Shawn Silverman
Sheridan Rose De Lay
Sydney Lusk
Theo Rolle
Tom Steele
Torrey Smith
Tyler Whaley
Xiaohan Zhang
Yana Whaley
Yingjie Ou
Zac Coffin


We're so grateful for the many wonderful and talented folks that help us make magic.  We have an amazing team of artists, crew, volunteers, and donors, and we want to make sure they are all appreciated.

If we missed to include you or you'd like to have your picture displayed, please reach out to info@lookingup.art!

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